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When a mother and daughter get together for honest, real conversation, you never know what's going to happen! With their humor and different personalities, listeners are in for a treat whether they listen to these ladies or watch them "Wine Down" on some of the current topics. You can listen to the Shawn and Cyd podcast anytime on this website or streaming on iTunes, and Spotify. Don't forget to subscribe to their weekly "Wine Down with Shawn and Cyd" videos on Youtube. Whatever you decide to do, you won't be disappointed. So sit back, explore, watch, and listen to some Real. Fun. Family. Radio!

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Isolation, Alone, Single…You name it, we dig into it!

So, could you just live alone and not turn weird?? A “weird” thought for sure, but we’re here to peel it back! We talk doing life alone, living alone on an island while not going nuts AKA Catstaway, and if we could all park our cell phones, even for 2 hours to enjoy a meal […]

Does your date have “The ICK”? And why are cats an alien species?

Buckle up and keep your arms and legs inside the ride, because we have a rollercoaster of topics today! We tiptoe into back to school anxiety, try to sort thru the absurdity of “No Poop July”, peel back the dating term “The Ick” and other relationship labels, and finish the ride with a big cat […]

To “Tat” or not to “Tat”! AKA mid-life crisis?

So, what would compel Shawn, to at this stage of life, to consider getting a tattoo? Two things: sentimental reasons and probably a mid-life crisis! Today the gals talk tats and get others opinions, stinky jeans and how long to go without washing them, and how to know what your alcohol limits are and just […]

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