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When a mother and daughter get together for honest, real conversation, you never know what's going to happen! With their humor and different personalities, listeners are in for a treat whether they listen to these ladies or watch them "Wine Down" on some of the current topics. You can listen to the Shawn and Cyd podcast anytime on this website or streaming on iTunes, and Spotify. Don't forget to subscribe to their weekly "Wine Down with Shawn and Cyd" videos on Youtube. Whatever you decide to do, you won't be disappointed. So sit back, explore, watch, and listen to some Real. Fun. Family. Radio!

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The unreal reality shows that even men love…but why do they?

News Flash: Men love reality dating shows too, but they love them for different reasons. We dive into that today, and we talk about the fakest of the fake reality shows. Plus, we talk about the lip tattoo craziness going on, the possibility that your kisses are giving you cavities. Seriously, call us #Dateline, because we are #investigating on this show!

Bull Winkies and Weird Drinkies!

How do you combine bull pizzels and blood drinking into one podcast? Take a listen and find out! We chat about all of that plus, freakish vegan drink choices, why Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have a taste for blood, and how TikToks’ favorite Grandma has rules for her funeral drinkers too!

War in real time! How can kids process this?

War is revealing itself in all of its ugliness in real time on social media, so how are children coping? Today we talk about that, the ridiculous gym creepers who keep women out of the gyms, the beautiful thought that beautiful memories replay when we die, and more!

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